Saturday, 3 May 2008

Chocolate beetroot cake, a strange combination?

For anyone who has seen The Vicar of Dibley this recipe might remind you of Mrs Cropley, the character famous for her "interesting" recipes, Lard and fish paste pancake anyone?
Well when I first heard of putting beetroot in a chocolate cake I must admit Mrs Cropley came to mind!
That was a long time ago and ever since I first heard of chocolate beetroot cake, strange though it sounds I've been intrigued. There are quite a few recipes around so obviously there are a few people out there who think it's a good idea, rather than just one mad cook!
Anyway I finally got my chance to try it this week when we received three beetroot in our veg box.
The result was surprisingly good, it was very moist and certainly not disgusting, we ate the whole thing pretty quickly! Unlike in carrot cake however where there is no carroty taste at all, there was a definite hint of beetroot in the background, I think I might try this cake again substituting carrots for the beetroot as they have a milder flavour. Overall a good cake and worth trying.


Hopie said...

Oh, I'm intrigued! That looks yummy, and making it with carrots sounds like a good idea.

Also, I'm jealous of your vegetable box. I'd love to participate in a program like that to get local veggies. I'll have to do research about that near Paris.

Christina said...

That sounds like a very interesting concept. I've heard of zucchini and carrots, of course, then Cakespy did a great post about different vegetables in cupcakes, so I'm definitely intrigued!

Jackie said...

Chocolate with beetroot- that IS an interesting combination. Thanks!

Sylvie said...

Hey, I just found your blog and wanted to let you know that I like it! I've been meaning to try beetroot cake, maybe the taste isn't as strong if you use early season beetroot as their earthy taste is usually not quite as strong. I had parsnip cake last summer, which was also great and I've even got a recipe somewhere for a chocolate cake that uses sauerkraut, biut I haven't been brave enough yet!

Sam said...

Thanks for all your comments, sorry I've been so slow to reply, I was off cycling in Spain, Hard life!!

Hopie: I would have thought you could get a veg box in Paris and I would definately reccomend it, it's so nice to have fresh and diffeent vegetables straight to your door.

Christina: have you tried the Zucchini cake? I've been meaning to for a while and it's almost the season.

Jackie: you're welcome!

Sylvie: Glad you like the blog, they were quite big so maybe your idea of younger beets would help, I will try it if I can get some. I saw parsnip cake in a coffee shop last year and thought it sounded interesting, I've also heard of parsnip scones.
Not sure about Sauerkraut cake though, I'd be interested to hear about that if you decide to brave it!!

Beetroot juice said...

im fan of beetroot product
so it should be a good cake : )