Wednesday, 10 September 2008

What lies beneath?

This cake may look normal, if not spectacular. Things however are not as they seem, beneath the thick layer of cream cheese icing hides a secret. You see when I took the cake out of the oven it looked great, so I set it aside and left it to cool. I returned a few minutes later to check on my cake and aargh! there was a huge crater in the middle, my cake had collapsed! I don't know how it happened but the middle was still raw even though I checked it earlier.
After a bit of a panic I sliced it in half, cut out the raw cake, pieced it back together and slathered it in icing!
In the end it looked OK and still tasted good and I am very, very thankful for icing!


kittie said...

Eeeek - I have just started baking regularly (wait for the blog update!!) and I live in fear that this will happen! Good rescue job though!

Christina said...

Icing definitely is a life-saver! This reminds me of the time I made a cheesecake, left it out to cool, and went out. I forgot to cover it, so my cat jumped on the counter and licked the top. I successfully scraped a thin layer off, but it looked pretty bad so I covered it with a sour cream topping and it worked out in the end.

Sylvie said...

That's exactly what icing and icing sugar are there for. I don't know how many times I have used them to hide minor and more major disasters!

Antonia said...

Icing does indeed hide a multitude of sins. I've done exactly this on several occasions!
Looks absolutely delicious though and lovely and moist - nothing worse than a dry cake.

Foodycat said...

Cream cheese frosting makes everything good.

Sam said...

Kittie: Luckily it doesn't happen very often! I'll keep an eye on your blog, I'm looking forward to seeing what you've baked.

Christina: Haha! I know exactly how that feels, my cat's helped himself to other people's dinners often enough!

Sylvie: Icing is certainly useful. good job it tastes nice too!

Antonia: the cake was really nice once I'd removed the raw bit!

Foodycat: Exactly!

nicisme said...

I think I love icing nearly as much as the cake part - good rescue Sam!