Monday, 28 July 2008


Christina from She Runs She Eats tagged me with this MeMe, my first ever! so here goes...

1.Last Movie I Saw In A Movie Theater?
I think it was I Am Legend. It's a Will Smith film with zombies

2. What Book Are You Reading?
Down under by Bill Bryson

3. Favourite Board Game?
Once a year we play scrabble at Christmas so I suppose it could be that. Or maybe Monopoly...

4. Favourite Magazine?
Hmm... Cycling Plus is good or maybe a food magazine like Good Food

5. Favourite Smells?
Vanilla pods are amazing, fresh bread and I used to like the smell of petrol when I was little!

6. Favourite Sounds?
Riding my bike down gravel tracks.

7. Worst Feeling In The World?
Failing at something important or disappointing people.

8. First Thing You Think of When You Wake?
Food, food food! I'm normally starving when I wake up.

9. Favourite Fast Food Place?
I don't really eat fast food any more but traditional fish and chips is good.

10. Future Child's Name?
Erm... I haven't thought that far ahead!

11. Finish This Statement—“If I Had a Lot of Money, I’d…
Buy a castle in Italy, I love it there and castles are cool!

12. Do You Drive Fast?
I don't drive, I suppose I can cycle pretty fast!

13. Do You Sleep With a Stuffed Animal?
Haven't for at least 10 years.

14. Storms—Cool or Scary?
Who doesn't love lightening? cool

15. What Was Your First Car?
Never had a car but I would like a DeLorean like on Back to the Future, if I could time travel so much the better. A VW hippy camper van would be cool too!

16. Favourite Drink?
Coffee, coffee, coffee! It's all I drink.

17. Finish This Statement—“If I Had the Time, I Would…
Go travelling across Europe.

18. Do You Eat the Stems on Broccoli?
Yes, I eat all of it. I hate wasting things.

19. If You could Dye your Hair Any Other Colour, What Would It Be?
I have no plans to dye my hair, but I did dye it blue for a day once.

20. Name All the Different Cities In Which You Have Lived.
That's easy! Leicester

21. Favourite Sport to Watch?
Rugby, go Tigers!

22. One Nice Thing About The Person Who Sent This To You
I get lots of supportive comments from Christina which encourages me to keep Blogging.

23. What’s Under Your Bed?
A load of junk

24. Would You Like to Be Born As Yourself Again?
I suppose so, it's not that bad being me!

25. Morning Person or Night Owl?
Love the mornings, I'm normally up by 7

26. Over Easy or Sunny Side Up?
Over easy, I like dipping bread in the yolk.

27. Favourite Place to Relax?
Somewhere in the countryside miles from anywhere.

28. Favourite Ice Cream Flavour?
Ben and Jerry's, either Phish food or fossil fuel they're both really good

29. Of All the People You Have Tagged, Who Is the Most Likely to Respond First?
I'm going to guess Amanda from Mrs W's kitchen but who knows?

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Christina said...

My brothers and dad play an epic game of Risk every Christmas while I help with the food. It's more fun to play games during the holidays.

It's great to get to know a little more from the bloggers whose blogs I read. Thanks for filling it out!

Amanda said...