Thursday, 31 July 2008

Salmon with lentls, anchovies and capers

I got the idea for this recipe from a old issue of GoodFood magazine, it looked interesting and gave me the opportunity to use a box of Puy lentils that I bought a long time ago thinking they might come in useful. Well they finally did, at long last!
The idea is a simple one, lentils are cooked with garlic and sage which forms the 'bed' on which a fillet of roast salmon lies, this was dressed with anchovies, capers, parsley and lemon. I used roast tomatoes as a garnish as suggested in the recipe. I think it looks really classy and the tomatoes add a nice splash of colour where it could have looked quite dull.
Unfortunately it didn't really deliver on flavour which was surprising considering the anchovies and capers, I also thought the portions were way too small even after I had bulked it out with peas.
I think I will try this idea again but it need to have more flavour added and I've not quite worked out how yet...

Recipe here


Christina said...

It's interesting that it wasn't as flavorful as you expected. Perhaps it needed more salt? It does look really good, though.

Ros said...

Usually when I cook puy lentils I'll cook in in a mixture of chicken (or vegetable) stock and white wine. Having said that, I've never tried this particular dish.

Sam said...

Christina: I think you might be right although I don't usually under season things, I like salty food.

Ros: I did use stock but I like the idea of adding wine, I'll remember that one for next time.