Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Cheerful tray-baked chicken

I love how bright and colourful this dish is, it looks fantastic and best of all it's really easy.Mediterranean style baked chicken (3) As it's finally warming up a bit now (at last!) I felt like cooking something summery, I had some chicken in the fridge, yet more leftover pesto which seems to keep appearing! and some really good bacon. after a quick trip to the shops i also had a good selection of Mediterranean vegetables: an aubergine, courgette's, tomatoes, mushrooms and olives.
Mediterranean style baked chicken (7)
All I did was rub pesto over the chicken and wrap it in bacon. I chopped the vegetables tossed them in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, white wine, a few herbs, salt and pepper. whacked them in a baking tray, put the chicken on top and into the oven on quite high until it was nicely cooked. I basted everything every now and then to stop it going dry and it came out great and so simple.

I served my chicken with couscous and poured the juices from the tray over the top.Mediterranean style baked chicken (5)
This is such a good way to cook and has endless variations, it would be great with fish, or pork chops and any selection of veg that takes your fancy, (try to choose a good selection of colours). Asparagus and fish would be a good combo about now.


Christina said...

Gosh, I'm hungry all over again!

Amanda said...

It's gorgeous, and very sprintime-y!

Hopie said...

Yum. This definitely looks delicious and not hard to do - perfect for spending a maximum amount of time outside in the spring-y weather and then eating a light dinner. ;-)