Friday, 28 November 2008

An amazing day at the BBC Good Food Show, part 1

The BBC Good Food Show is nothing short of heaven for a foodie like me. With hundreds of exhibitors, plenty of free samples, cookery demonstrations and more celebrity chefs than you can shake a big pointy stick at, for food lovers The Good Food Show is THE place to be.
When show sponsor Miele (pronounced mealer, I'm told), the people at and 1000heads sent me an invitation to the show with a VIP pass I had to think about it for all of a nanosecond before saying yes please! A group of food bloggers from the UK were invited, in no particular order they were:
Becky - Girl Interrupted Eating
Francesca - 101 Things
Nicola - Cherrapeno
Katie - Apple and Spice
Anne - Anne's Kitchen
Joanna - Joanna's Food
Here we all are posing in front of the Meile stand!

My day started at 5.30 in the morning as I had an early train to catch. Once I arrived I met up with the other bloggers and my hosts for the day, Colin, Kaz, Juliette and Molly then it was into the show!

Before lunch we had some time to explore, we ate and drank our way around the free samples admiring what was on offer and chatting to the producers. The scale of the place was breathtaking, with over 600 stands it was hard to know where to begin!

Doves farm had an interesting selection of bread mixes, flour and cakes. Although I don't often use prepared mixes I couldn't resist the Ezekiel bread mix, apparently it's inspired by the prophet himself!
Munchy seeds were selling a fantastic selection of flavoured roasted seeds, the vanilla pumpkin seeds were especially good.
I'll admit it was the name that attracted me to the Grumpy Mule Coffee stand but their coffee was fantastic, some of the best I've ever had.
It wasn't just food on offer, there was some fantastic cooking equipment too.
Do I make myself clear!? A very coulourful selection of liquorice.

Coming up in part 2, I have a fantastic VIP lunch, meet James Martin and watch Gordon Ramsay do his thing in the supertheatre.


Sylvie said...

Sam, what a great day it looks like! I was asked to come as well, but unfortunately couldn't make it. What's even worse is that I somehow 'lost' their e-mail, so I couldn't even say thanks for asking and say that I'd be happy to 'offer my services' next year!

mikky said...

looks like fun... and lots of great finds too... :)

Mike of Mike's Table said...

That sounds like such a tremendous day--thanks for sharing! Not to mention the opportunity to meet up with so many other food bloggers...that must have been a lot of fun :-)

Hopie said...

Did somebody say free samples?? That looks like a lovely event. I can't wait for Part 2. It definitely must've been fun to meet some other food bloggers. I deduce from that picture that either you're tall, Sam, or else the average height of food bloggers is short (a category I would have no trouble fitting into) ;-)

Katie said...

Great start to the write up Sam. It was great to meet you. I'm eager to hear what you thought of Gordon.

Katie said...

You know if you get a plus1 ticket for next year I am free ;)

Antonia said...

I was so sorry to miss this! Sadly, I couldn't take the time off work... It would have been great to meet fellow food bloggers face-to-face and I love the BBC Food Show.

Kristen said...

That would definitely be an opportunity NOT to pass up. How fun!

Amanda said...

Wow, that looks like one fantastic show!

Pam said...

What a fantastic day. I am sure it was so much fun meeting all the food bloggers and getting all the free samples.

Margaret said...

So pleased that you had the chance to meet your fellow food bloggers at the Good Food Show.
I too went on Thursday and as usual we had a lot of fun.

nicisme said...

Some great photos here Sam, love that one of all the pans!
What a fabulous day huh?

Joie de vivre said...

How FUN!!! I'm so jealous.

Kadeeae said...

I too had received an invite from Meile and unfortunately had to turn it down. I wasn't TOO upset until now. ;-)

Sounds and looks like a great time was had by all, thanks for posting the pics - maybe I'll see you at one of the shows next year.

Andrea said...

You are so flippin' lucky. Lucky. I want to go!

anudivya said...

This is indeed a foodie's dream come true... oh! I so envy you! :)

Sam said...

Sylvie: That's a shame it would have been great to meet you!

Mikky and Mike, :Thanks, It was fantastic!

Hopie: It was really great to meet other food bloggers, it's nice to put a face to a blog! Yes I'm the tall one!

Katie: It was great to meet you too, part 2 is a work in progress!

Katie: I'll put in a good word for you!

Antonia: Maybe next year, it would be nice to meet some more food bloggers.

Kristen, Amanda and Pam: It was really fun!

Margaret: If only we'd known we could have met somewhere! Oh well I'm glad you had fun too!

Joie de vivre: It was great fun!

Kadeeaa:I would love to meet up sometime next year, that would be cool!

Andrea and Anudivya: Thanks, I know!

Cooking and the City said...

Sam it looks like you had a fabulous day, love the pictures! thanks for sharing :-)

Foodycat said...

You lucky thing! What an amazing day.

Gemma said...

I was invited as well but had to work :(

Looks like you had an amazing day - oh well, maybe next year.