Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Gooey cheese and cranberry turkey burgers

Last week I decided to finally clear out our cupboard of sauces and pickles. We have everything in there from mustard in a variety of different types to ketchup and curry sauce, the problem was it was so full opening the door meant running the risk of serious injury as bottles and jar come pouring out! wearing some kind of hard hat would have been advisable.
So I cleared some space on top of the freezer and put a load of stuff there. During my clearings (if that's a real word) I made some interesting finds, one of them was shocking, a jar of enchilada sauce with a best before date of 1995! I couldn't believe it (no I didn't eat it!). One thing I did find of use however was a jar of cranberry sauce, I had some turkey mince in the fridge and I had an idea for cranberry and turkey burgers made by mixing the two. Apart from the classic combination of cranberry and turkey, I love cranberry sauce with brie (makes a great sandwich), and so the plan was to make turkey cranberry burgers with a piece of brie in the middle. The idea being that it would melt out as a gooey cheesy centre when you bit into it (I love melted cheese!).
The burgers were really delicious and I am definitely making these again. Turkey burgers have a reputation for being dry and tasteless but these were delicious and juicy, I think the cheese helped to stop them drying out and the cranberry gave a good flavour. I served them with a broad bean salad with roasted peppers and onions and also some potato wedges, I served a sauce made by mixing Thai sweet chilli sauce and mayonnaise.
I am thinking of trying an Italian version next with sundried tomatoes, basil and mozzarella. Sounds good to me!

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